Mission Statement

At the Exotic Amphibian and Reptile Center we have over 25 years experience breeding and caring for Reptiles. We are Missouris largest producer of reptiles selling both retail and wholesale. At the Exotic ARC we belived in going "Green" before most people ever heard of the idea - How?! We have always felt that by producing as many animals as possible for the pet trade hobbyists and breeders to help elevate pressure on wild population, and it has worked. We are at the point now where colubrid snakes and many boids and lizards are produced in enough numbers for all of them offered for sale to be captive bred. For example, we have'nt sold imported baby ball pythons here for several years even though the demand has increased.

We also believe in educating the public about the beauty of these animals and how to care for them. An example is that we encourage the vivarium (reptiles, plants, water features etc) hobby and more recently "Paladariums" (a vivarium with reptiles and fish). Creating these enviroments is like imitating the creativity of God our Father and is relaxing, educational and fun. Come by anytime to buy or browse.

burm with eggs